Mac to the Future 188: Phone HomeOS

Yeah we like it when companies make things simple, but changing TVOS to HomeOS? Original HomePods are sold out in Apple Stores but still available online for as long as (lolz) supplies last. Rumors of a new iPod touch are surfacing, though no one can explain why. Batteries dying in those old moldy AirPods? Good News! AirPods 3 is likely, probably, but not for certain on the way! Speaking of uncertainty, did you get an M1 Mac mini? Not to worry! There might be an M2 Mac mini on the way and analysts have hastily drawn mock ups to prove it! Guy Serle Email: Twitter: MacParrot or VertShark Podcasts: MyMac Podcast Mac to the Future YouTube channel… Want to help me with all the content I create? Buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi: Do that Patreon thing: PayPal me: Warren Sklar is on Facebook! Dave Ginsburg Twitter: @daveg65 Podcasts In Touch With iOS

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