Mac to the Future Go Livecast Episode 91 Audio: USB-C is which standard?

Are you ready for USB 3.2? A folding phone comes to Android but there’s no iPhold yet. Apple Tax too high? The FBI and other intelligence gathering agencies are not happy with end to end encryption USB 3.2 same as it ever was


For those just jumping into the game of new ports, there are really just two to talk about. USB-C and Thunderbolt. Unfortunately they are the exact same connector. Anyone want a folding iPhone (the iPhold)


Samsung and Huawei is right behind so where’s the folding iPhone? Or maybe the better question is, does anyone want one?

Is the Apple Tax too high?


Many large media companies are complaining about the 30% cut Apple throws onto any type of sale through their platforms.

FBI has sad face https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/…

The FBI and other intelligence agencies around the world are unhappy with Apple and others that allow end to end encryption in communications between apps and the people that use them to communicate.

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