MyMac Podcast 831: Neurally Speaking

It’s the start of a brand new year but the same old GMen so don’t believe for one instant that 2020 doesn’t still have some punishment for you…in fact, you should probably STILL be mad at 2010 which is when we started. Stick around after the close as there’s some bonus footage!


‘The Mandalorian’ season two finale confirms another Star Wars spin-off

F1 engine makers are testing sustainable fuel

Man sues police over a facial recognition-related wrongful arrest

Flash ah haa finally dead in the universe!

For Pick’s sake

Guy:- Pixar’s Soul. GREAT flick with Jamie Foxx as “Joe” and Tina Fey as “22”. Richard Ayoade as Counselor Jerry. Even Graham Norton as Moonwind was great.

Gaz:- ’The Queens Gambit’ on Netflix

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