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New look for

After threatening for a long time to make changes to the website, I’ve finally moved in a forward direction. It’s not really great and certainly not finished, but as compared to the bleeding eyesore of the previous WordPress theme, it’s much better.

Single column for new content, a revised menu, and reduced categories should make it easier to navigate. I’m also going to start introducing new graphic elements to posts so you can determine what kind of post it is. Previously, I just used one header element for each piece of new content regardless of the medium that content was in. So no differential between written word (of which so far there’s been little), audio, or video. Now you be able to see at a glance what the content is. This will be more prominent with the more frequently added video and audio content. Nothing too elaborate, just a simple “audio” or “video” addition. Keep it simple, but give the information to make it clear.

I won’t be going back through the back catalog with this change as I’d rather concentrate on new content for now. So thank you to all who come here and welcome aboard.

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