MyMac Podcast 806 (video): 14,630.4 Years

Monday is that thing we’ve all been waiting for and talking about non-stop until we’re sick of it! Except NOW Apple said something to hack off all the free app developers out there…or something. Hard to tell what to to be outraged about this week. Simon Parnell answered our Saturn Moon Titan question from last week and the answer is, 14,630.4 years for that moon to be 1 mile further in orbit. A nice fresh custom made WOOTie was sent.


Guy’s App Pick: Need masks and having trouble finding quality ones? There is a variety of them available, with or without political statements over in the TeeHouseLA on Etsy. Got a free one from a co-worker and they are of great quality. Prices are between 6-10 Dollars per mask, but are washable so you can use them again and again.

Gaz’s App Pick: Civilisations BBC AR All

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