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MyMac Podcast 865: Holy Crap! News?

No matter what some may say, there is no such thing as good or bad news, there’s just news. However the LACK of news lately has been Maddening (pun intended), so the announcement of an event on Tuesday, September 14th fills our hearts with glee, sunshine and rainbows, THAT IS good news!


Guy:- Two picks. The Inn at Leona is a fabulous place to stay with a wonderful staff and so much ambiance you could choke on it. Reasonably priced rooms too. Also the Strasburg Railroad is a 45 minute to the past that if you don’t enjoy, well then you just suck. COVID rules shut down their reservation system the day before, so we had the entire dining car to ourselves. Just luck of the draw, but it still would have been fun even full up.
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