Mac to the Future GO! 187: The M1 is compromised, but no one cares

Sure we want reviews, and positive reviews even more, but to force users to leave one BEFORE you can even use the app? Cheap deals for M1 Mac Minis are out there, maybe a new model coming? WWDC is scheduled to start June 7th. Besides new looks in your favorite operating systems, what else might Apple be announcing? There are reports that there’s an unfixable flaw in the M1 processor, but that it really doesn’t matter except to alarmist tech blogs. Guy Serle Email: Twitter: MacParrot or VertShark Podcasts: MyMac Podcast Mac to the Future YouTube channel… Want to help me with all the content I create? Buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi: Do that Patreon thing: PayPal me: Warren Sklar is on Facebook! Dave Ginsburg Twitter: @daveg65 Podcasts In Touch With iOS President, Suburban Chicago Apple Users Group


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